Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Far East Influence

I was immediately taken with the latest outfit in the Designer Showcase by
Barely Legal - the outfit is called Hong Kong Garden.  It consists of a mesh top and skirt.  the patterns are floral, the designer used different flowers and colours to pull together a really charming ensemble. Each of these items will compliment other pieces in your wardrobe.
The jewelry is also in the current showcase.  Elemental has once again given us a stunning refreshing look for the summer.  The lapis lazuli stones are in a deep yet vibrant shade of royal blues rather than the green that is so often seen.
I kept the Diamond Avatar skin on because #1 I like it and it is one that reflects my Asian heritage. BUT also so that I would remember to let you all know that Diamond Avatar is going to be having a huge sale in the next couple of weeks so that it can make room for new releases.  Everything will be on sale 50%, skins, shapes,makeup, eyes and lipstick.Diamond Avatar Mainstore,

DESIGNER SHOWCASE  is where you will find the designers that bring you classic elegance, and in vogue style.  Reliable fashion and accessories at a get to know them price.  Designer Showcase is here for you.

Link to Qinhuai Qinhuai - Jinling Village,
There is currently a shop there that has all the Geisha hair styles on sale. IF you know anyone wanting an Asian hair style, pass this information along.
The shop is called [ity]  Hair is provided plain without adornment or with the adornment, this way for those wanting to put in your own accessories you can.
Contact Serena ity for more information (mohsin.paulino)

Designer Showcase July 31

WOW Aisha has done a truly magnificent decor in the corner of the showcase.
It was perfect to do photo shoot of the Snowpaws latest showcase item.  In fact when you come into the showcase, the vendor for the Snowpaws mesh corset gown, sculpt bow and flexi skirt will be right there.

Rather magical isn't it? Hair is MADeisgn - Akami-expresso,  Shoes, Enkythings,Yuja II black  -  Skin - Diamond Avatar -Katia Tan - make up 4 **
the Diamond Avatar skin in the current showcase is Katia Dark.

Jewelry is from Bonita's Jewelry, the white diamond set from last showcase and the bracelet from the current showcase. Diamonds go with everything, if you didn't pick them up last showcase, taxi down to her store and pick them up, you'll find many uses for them.
There are a few more pictures on flickr...... Aisha is really making strides with the DESIGNER SHOWCASE  every showcase will be something different, you will be sure to find something that will just "make you flutter"
taxi to Enkythings
taxi to Bonitas Jewlery

Sunday, July 29, 2012

New in the Designer Showcase

Already some of the merchants have changed their items in the showcase.  Looks like another very "chic" offering.  Diamond Avatar, skin-Katia dark make up 3.  Shoes- Lindy - Jeweleigh c/w a color hud, and the outfit from Glitter which you will have to admit is oh so sexy.  It comes complete with the jewelry that you see, bracelets, earrings, necklace. The garters and stockings can be used with so many other outfits.  Great addition to the wardrobe.  These new items you can of course find at Designer Showcase

These are three items that will add to your summer fun.  darker skin, sexy shoe with color changing gemstone, and the oh so alluring corset, stockings and fun goth jewelry.  Come the fall you will be looking for this kind of jewelry, get it now when it is on sale.
see flickr for more pictures...
also note that the link for Vista animations is now provided for you in my links.

Day Off

Planning "the holiday" headed down into the States Michigan, Wisconsin,  Minnesota, North Dakota possibly South Dakota,Wyoming and finally Montana.  My last trip to Montana I flew in from Denver, it was a small plane over the mountains, I said "never again"... so this time, I'll see more of the States that I haven't seen before, and will drive there.  the journey back will bring us back through Canada.  I've not seen the Prairies. Today is hanging out day, just chilling.

The new DESIGNER SHOWCASE will be in place for your soon, before I  leave I will have time to check it out and give you the highlights, you will in turn be able to get your beautiful self down there to check things out for yourself.

Today - shape is Twily,       Skin-Mons, Eyes -               Amacci, fudge #9m, 
Hair- Dura, girl 27 Platinum,              Shoes  sYs -ankle dolls boot, Titanium
sYs -Top. Stardust,           AO - Vista animations - urban sexy chic
Pants -RAZ  nb* RAZ was formerly DEGGED - it is now only available on marketplace

Those wonderful friends/readers who keep up with me in RL know I love these pants and search high and low for them to wear.  I developed my love of this type of pant through wonderful designers like sYs  and RAZ
The trial speak and shield I don't remember where I got them, they were made by Moose Sands
Kung Fu poses by "Luth"        more pictures on flickr
Shot on location -Noweeta Grassland - Its all about love this is a very tranquil and beautiful setting.  It wasn't my first visit and it won't be my last.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Feeling Fuschia

Colour can affect my mood.  I love it when a colour jumps out and calls out to me.  We dropped in today to The Colour Factory, Anango Isle.  Fuschia is the colour of the day. Outfit is Pretty in Pink from Graffitiwear. The outfit is flirty and fun. It comes with the ankle boots!  Jewelry does not come with the outfit, but is from the same merchant. Graffitiwear.
Colour is what I was craving, colour is what I got, this factory is one floor after another of brilliant, splashes of colour and patterns. In my exploration of the place, I found the cutest Tiny wabbit. ^^ and big lovable dog. What will you find?
Skin - Nvious Izzy M3 I love this skin, I always feel very seductive when I wear it.  Shape is Julia - style by Kira, eyes- Style by Kira, dark olive.
Hair - Amacci- Doris, black coal
Check flickr for more pictures.  link on the right.
Taxi down to Flawless.. check out Style by Kira and don't forget while there to
visit the Designer Showcase  Style by Kira is just down the road from DS.

Black Horse Country

!~BLACK HORSE COUNTRY~COUNTRY WESTERN MUSIC CLUB~! Yup, I'm a little bit country. with model in tow we headed to Black Horse Country.  We didn't get there during showtime, but having plenty of time to wander and explore, we got us some good pictures.  The other day when there, the place was jumping, check for show times. 
Shape-skin-Eyes- Style by Kira *DS merchant) Serenity Shape,Amber skin,curently on sale at Designer Showcase - Hair is from another DS merchant  Amacci -Natural copper Cassie  *this style is at the Hair Fair till the 30th of this month. Model is using Vista AO -Elegant   Sunglasses and earrings are  from yet another Designer Showcase merchant - Eluzion  -Earrings -Madelyn 5L  sunglasses -fat pack is being sold 35L 
Ouftit is from Kakia Design - California Crop and Flower Jeans coms in two colours, orange and purple.  Shoes are from Kakia Design - white mesh heels.
Nails again a Designer Showcase merchant * Moondance Boutique - Sonata
Taxi Stand - Eluzion        Kakia Designs, Muskeg    
                 Amacci         Style by Kira - Flawless
The Designer Showcase changes its showcase twice a month, get down to the showcase if you haven't been yet, before the next change.
PS cowboy hat is free at the Black Horse country Music Club - few more pictures on upper right
* the nails from Moondance boutique will be available @ the October's Trending Fashion ChamberOctober's Trending Fashion Chamber

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Casual wear

With the summer season here for many of us, it also means holidays. People are not as busy and more laid back. In my case, models are on holidays, and I am busy planning mine.  Yesterday's visit to the RP sim of 1920 Chicago was fun, however, today I'm ready for some more laid back,easy fitting, hang out clothes.The top and the bottoms were purchased at different locations, but really work well together. 
Top is from [Bubble] double ragged top green [ bubble ] Mainstore
Bottoms are DeggeD mesh baggy pants Loordes of London Flagship Store, Highland Meadow
Shoes - Enkythings - Yuja II green Enkythings -Btq Courtisane

Shape -:Twilythula:. Shapes & Fashion, SandyBeach West
Skin- [ M O N S ] Skin-Shape-MESH-Clothes-Footwear-Accessory-Hair
Hair & eyes   Amacci hair -Celine jet black ** at hair fair till after the 30th of this month.**     Emerald eyes  *Amacci Hairs * , Amacci
Shot on location -~ Mysterious Wave ~, The Dark Swamp

You can travel the world of SL there are amazing designers and shops all over.
The one place you always come home to is DESIGNER SHOWCASE  The showcase changes twice a month.  Amacci is a regular at the showcase, don't miss out, check out what is happening in the DS on a regular basis.

Monday, July 23, 2012


Hmmm got a gangsta in your life?  I remember when working at Ivalde's the number of requests we got for 'gangsta" clothes..  it seems i've stumbled on a shopping area, devoted to that period. Chicago 1920's , Shepham Estates
I'm looking at a Monarch Imperial Convertible Limousine red and white. Nice!
Personally I think I'd go for the Monarch 500HS sports car -black. Only $999
There is a white limo here but unless the driver is provided with the car I'd have to pass ^^ . for sure I'd pass on the Hearse.  Although in role play if you were the owner of the hearse, you'd probably do well financially.
"Welcome to Chicago the 1920s. Featuring The Fiume Jazz club,vintage shopping,Live music, and The Empire Burlesque show. Known as the "Roaring 20's". A 1920 role play sim. Go back in time and step into a era of gangsters & roleplay  " 
Hair and outfit are currently on sale @ DESIGNER SHOWCASE  this means they are specially priced during the showcase.
Hair is Amacci,                 Outfit is L'ordiva, 
Shoes- Enkythings - YujaII silver black
Jewelry - Graffitiwear  group gift
Skin- Mons- Jelena
Eyes- Amacci - Emerald
 more pictures on Flickr

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Isle of Wysteria Lane - Land Of Adventure & Fun!, Wysteria Lane -welcome to my dream.  Follow me into the realm of fantasy.  Join me, play with me, for in time, together we will uncover the mystery of the great divine.  Bodies entwined, like lush tendrils of vines, yellow, orange,blue,lime ^^
This is a wonderland, I can't get enough artistic landscaping, something new to see in every direction one looks.
This daring, sexy asian flavoured dress is from Ruxy, it is on sale now at the 
DESIGNER SHOWCASE  This is 100% Diva fashion, unless you are prepared to lead the pack, save your linden, buy something else.  This is a HOT fashion statement.    Jewelry is Fulo -Donna necklace and earrings.  Shoes are white mesh heels from Kabia Designs.  Hair is of course from Amacci - Imana, black coal tipped.  Skin and Eyes - Mons
Have you been to the newly redecorated Designer Showcase?  Taxi is provided  (above) check it out.  
The Isle of Wysteria Lane is really a place you don't want to miss.  Go with a friend, go alone,go.. just don't miss out.  This is what they say, I love it here.

Step in to a world like never before; Wysteria Lane offers views and adventures like you have never experienced before.
The perfect mixture of places to relax and areas you wouldn't have thought possibly existed.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Gelato dancing

Friday nights is for globe trotting. Check out the sounds, We finally landed in ~SMOOTH ~ A JAZZ CLUB & LOUNGE, Quordlepleen  the music relaxed and recharged at the same time. DJ Ryde Whitman was the host.  The atmosphere at the club is quiet, formal and chic.  The red decor is actually very tasteful and has a soothing rather than chaotic effect. the big floor to ceiling windows with a vista out over the ocean is a contributing factor.  Their bio reads Romantic elegant Jazz Club, Ballroom, live music, DJ, big band, Jazz, blues, swing.  SL's friendly hot spot.
Model is wearing -Belleza Erika 1 shape.  Skin, Diamond Avatar -Katia Fair mk5    Eyes- Diamond Avatar  #3             Hair- Amacci -Rosie Pearl Platinum
Shoes -Enkythings - Baba Yaga - white     Jewelry - Vintage pearl set from
Bonita's Jewelry..  the classic evening gown is from Eluzion - Penelope Blue
The gown is currently on sale in the DESIGNER SHOWCASE
The vintage pearls were perfect along the neckline not distracting from the plunging neckline. Pio found the outfit and "look" very attractive =^_^=
I'm certainly encouraged to brush up on my Italian. LOL

more pictures on flickr -link on right
House is the Baby Malibu from INVERSE INSIDE INVERSE


Remember ladies, Amacci's hair Rosie is only at the Hair Fair .. won't be in her shop till after the 30th.  & this lovely Eluziion gown will only be in the Designer Showcase till the end of this round!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Mix and Match

Young-Casual-Perky Summer chic.  Fun outfit to lunch with the girls,meet the boyfriend for drinks, cruise the mall,  It's little spaghetti straps are perfect to show your tan, giving detail without having to wear something around your neck. comfortable fall on the little shift allows you to wear as little as you want under it. =^_^=...  the outfit from M&M FEMALE CLOTHES & HAIR, CASUAL GOTH  comes complete with the earrings and the bangles.  I like the pattern on the dress it reminds me of a vintage cotton print from the 70's, 80's. another option for the dress would be to wear sandals a string of long wooden beads! that would really be retro!

Hair is Amacci Celine, ash blonde again this hair is only at the Hair fair till the 30th.  After that it will be in the *Amacci Hairs * , Amacci Somany of you have asked for a sexy summer hair style,this is it, short & sassy.  If you need a taxi to the Fair, scroll down. (hair fair blog)
Shape and Skin are from Style by Kira - Amber series.  Follow the Style by Kira group on Flawless for details on the specials this month.  There is an amber skin on sale now at the DESIGNER SHOWCASE -  You know that the DS should always be your starting point on any shopping spree =^_^=.

Eyes - Mayfly - Eyes, Mesh Eyes, Realistic Eyes, you will have noticed that I am taken with the Liquid light series.. If you have a petite avatar, MayFly has a whole wall of eyes specific for the Yabusaka based Petite mesh avatars
Shoes -TDR 2 gift shoes  I know.  I wear these a lot.  I like them. they go with everything.
* on location -Heaven's Wind Romantic Dance Park Love and Romance , Toshimora

New @ Designer Showcase

Trumpet fan fare... meet a new designer in the Designer Showcase, Liv Glam.  Took me awhile to get dressed.  The dress in the showcase -Grace Kelly II - comes with a hud, allowing for 30 different possibilities.  I finally had to pick a dress and detach the hud so I could get on with the business of getting dressed. omg, omg omg what a find! 

Shape -Style by Kira - amber
Skin- Diamond Avatar - Sonya Tan #2
Eyes - MayFly liquid light eyes - Tropical blue
Hair- Amacci - Cassie jet black  - **found at the Hair Fair
Jewelry - Elemental splendor - gold emerald
Shoes- R2 Mele Turquoise - blue

You owe it to your wardrobe to taxi down to Designer Showcase
The Designer Showcase is always changing, always with you in mind.  The showcase changes every 15th and 30th. of the month. DS look to bring you the very best in fashion.  Trends can come and go, but classic elegance and
diva couture are the main staple of the Designer Showcase.

Another note on this dress.  The construction, quality of the design is great.  You can dance your little butt off, shake your booty, jump for joy, and your dress will go with you.  If you have not yet taken to mesh, this is the dress to turn you around. (more pictures on flickr)

photography on location Silver Dreams- Formal Ballroom-Castle- Romantic Dancing-Jazz-, Ketama
** see last blog for the taxi to the Hair Fair

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hair Fair 2012

Who can ever have enough hair?  Not moi! Many of our favourite hair designers are at the fair. Featured today is the one and only  Amacci.
Hair Fair - Flower, Hair Fair -  the hair at the Fair is available only at the fair till the 30th.  After that time you will find it at the shop.  The organizers of this year's fair have it well set out.  Demos and maps are available when you land, this is a big time saver. Shape and Skin today is also from Amacci, Mirelle (ebony) 01 natural.

Calypso Bay, Sunny 
Hair in this photo is Cassie, she comes in a lot of wonderful colours.  Eyes are also Amacci - Sappphire 5.. I like that they are so light against the dark skin.
The sexy X shaped top is from Graffitiwear.

Hair Fair 2012 is busy, when you go leave your scripts behind, you'll find the experience much more enjoyable. there is a lot to see, give yourself time to see all of the designers that are there.  You won't be disappointed.

taxi down to DESIGNER SHOWCASE  where Amacci has a special fave pack of
long hair called Coralee.  5 colours for $99L
few more pictures on flickr

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Southern Belle

The current outfit in the Designer Showcase from Carrasco Designs (Emerald Glimmer) had me thinking of the deep south.  I envisioned a beautiful red head, preparing for a ball.  Our model was happy to play the part, hair is Amacci, Tracy, Shape, Serenity (Style by Kira) skin,Sumrah Sangria (Dulce Secrets), shoes, Enkythings,Talyna cool green. Diamond earrings are from Bonita Jewelry.  Shot on location ASU Virtual HeritageS (Virtual Heritage South), ASU Virtual HeritageS
Anyone interested in history, will find the information and slides provided on the Johnson family house interesting. 
The detail in this dress is lovely, the blend of laces and satin will give you a lot of places to wear this gown.  Here it is shown in a warmer climate, but dressed up with a fur stole, and a different accessories you can strut your style during the festive holiday season too.
pictures on flickr

Monday, July 16, 2012

Miss Simone

Miss Simone has been teaching elementary grades since she began her teaching career.  She was considered by everyone to be a charming young lady.  Not in their wildest dreams would they have guessed at the thoughts that ran through Miss Simone's pretty little head.  It was shortly after the new physical education teacher arrived at the school, that students and co-workers began to notice subtle changes in the quiet Miss Simone.  A special day trip was planned to S&B Spronkwing's Books & Toys, Sacred Falls, Miss Simone and Mr. Mudimo would be the teachers tending to the students for the trip.
Shape - Style by Kira - Serenity      skin- Style by Kira Amber special DS 01
Eyes - Amacci Sappphire 5 big        hair - Amacci -Imana - Wheat blonde
Shoes - Leverocci - Platform pumps- Tropic
Outfit - Java - mesh Picasso - white with earrings and glasses
Bangles and necklace - Dark Mouse        Ring - Chop Suey- Take my heart
taxi to Java Fashion Designs,Limitless
Taxi to DESIGNER SHOWCASE - don't miss out.  Visit today!
OMG she's been reading Fifty Shades of Grey  - more pictures on flickr

Sunday, July 15, 2012

DS Showgirl.

Wow, the only authorized club for Chippendale Dancers.  (Official Chippendales of SL) The~Rio~Las Vegas Style Showplace & More.  Waiting to see how much the dancers actually take off. Sigh... interesting, you have to experience this club.  The dancers changed while we were there, there are several, of course all hunks.  Yes they come down from the stage and mingle while dancing, from the bios, all will chat with you..others are clearly "taken" but are happy to "interact" with you while working.
Now from Flawless, straight from theDESIGNER SHOWCASE we bring you Showgirl.  Skin - Diamond Avatar -Sonya, Tan, mk 2,    Eyes, Mayfly Deep sky
eyes, grey shadow     Hair - Amacci - Coralee - vanilla blonde    Shoes - Lindy
Court ankle boot with color hud       Outfit -Glitter - Zara      taxi on down!
more pictures on flickr
To my male readers, there are a lot of women there and all vying for title of "hot and sexy"... This is a happening club.


The expression, "diamonds are a girl's best friend" is also in a song.. I found myself humming the refrain over and over these past few scorching days.  We traveled from the bustling streets of Virtual Asia Tokyo DR LIFE hong kong kuala lumpur china japan, MaxStudio  to the newly renovated Designer Showcase in Flawless .  The new diamond earring and necklace set by Bonita Jewelry is in the new round of the Designer Showcase.(Web, white diamonds)
The soft fresh looking skin, Style by Kira, is very  youthful. From her new line
Amber.. model is wearing ...Amber 01 #3 opt.1
Hair is Amacci -Tracy- mahogany    comes complete with the hat
Outfit is L3S - Tigre (mesh)  top/bottom and shoes
more pictures on flickr
The transformation of the Designer Showcase is A M A Z I N G, some bad ass building has been going on.  Check it out.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday 13th -art,fashion,dance

Friday the 13th, a lucky day. A day to explore and enjoy. Starting out at an art gallary owned and operated by Jazz artist Waltkeys Faith. Waltkeys Gallery of Window Paintings, Virtual Montmartre.  You'll find this little gallery not only delightful to visit and explore, but come at the right  time and you might find Walt at the keyboards.  There are bistro tables, a small intimate dance floor and a comfortable sitting area around a cozy fireplace.
Outfit is from Graffitiwear,  comes complete with the ankle boots.
Hair is from VANITY HAIR- Main Store - HAIROLOGIE, Waterton Way
Skin -Akeruka Italian Creations - HQ Skins & Shapes -, Akeruka   Twiggy Medium MK 7   shape is also Akeruka Twiggy
Eyes - *Amacci * Eyes, Hair, Skin, Shapes & Makeup, Poses & Animation,
Fudge  #14 big
AND just in case you want to try some new dance moves.  guess what.. Humanoid has just put out a FREE Ally 31 girl's shuffle.  if you need a reminder of how techno smooth Ally is, watch the following video.

Taxi to  HUMANOID - ANIMATIONS // Motioncapture Dance Animations Club

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Akeruka - Neo

The Duke of LaKoba was sure of one thing, the women in his life were just tiresome at times.  A tall elegant man, his work at the palace kept him busy with little time for distractions.  When he fancied some leisure time, he wanted to enjoy every moment of it.  With the Duchess (his wife) and his mistress now renewing their friendship he found  himself with time on his hands.

Lazily his thoughts drifted to the lovely and talented lady Carina.  His smile deepened, approaching him was the dazzling beauty herself.
Readers, the Duke is rugged, his shape is Akeruka Neo, the skin also Akeruka  I tried with several different hair colours.  Hair (not the wig) is from Amacci,  Paul, you will see pictures of the Duke with black coal, hazelnut and natural blond.  His dark penetrating eyes are Amacci- Fudge.  There are more pictures on Flickr... One with his shirt and jacket off =^_^= I want you to see the detail on his chest.  Men, experiment with hair colour, it can give your avatar a whole new look.  The Duke is a bit roguish at times, but very loveable.  He loves women, and is only too happy to pleasure them.
You've met the ladies in his life, I thought it time you met the man himself.
His outfit is from Fanny's Dream Italian Style. The shoes did not come with the outfit.  They came from Pearse'd & Cut Victorian Menswear.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Let's make love

Men remember, men have feelings, men have dreams....

Shape -Akeruka      Skin - Akeruka NEO full beard - tan
Outfit - bubbles Design - Ruben 
Piercing - Eluzion
taxi to Akeruka Italian Creations - HQ Skins & Shapes -, Akeruka
more pictures on flickr


Skin - Akeruka - Twiggy light mk5  cl
Eyes- amacci - Emerald 4                  Hair - Amacci - Sandy - Onxy
Shoes- Enkythings -Yuja II Green       Jewelry - Fulo - Tangled necklace
Outfit - Lordiva - fine line green formal -ruffle skirt around waist is optional, the outfit could be worn as a short skirt version as well.
more pictures on flickr

Sunday, July 8, 2012

I scream 4 Ice cream

The heat wave has me craving ice cream.  Not just any ice cream thank you, I like old fashion ice cream, no preservatives, thick rich and foamy ( when whipped)  CCC - ICE CREAM SHOPPE, Butterfly Kisses  purrs like a cat who has just found and enjoyed a bowl of cream. Yummmmm.  Tongue comes out to lick every last drop.  I dream of ice one tell me the calories!
4 scoops you got a problem with that!  I could have had 5..This shop is nestled in a very family oriented setting.  Come down and enjoy this shop and the neighbouring ones.  I did leave you some ice cream.
more pictures on flickr...  Dress and shoes are in the DESIGNER SHOWCASE 
now.. Outfit is Ruxy Lace Dress   - shoes - ChoOoZ -Zahara zebra pink
Skin - Modish UrSake Bronze Taste     Eyes-Amacci -Sapphire 2 big
Jewelry -N@N@- Michelle                    Hair- Vive Nine - arbre in Proenza

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ocean beach house -INVERSE

Who hasn't dreamed of having that perfect little beach house where we can enjoy life with the sound of the surf, and the never tiring view of the ocean.
This little charmer, would also be a dream cottage on a lake, it has many possibilities. will give you the specs.  You will also find more pictures on flickr.
The bedroom and spa area, covers the whole top floor.  The soaking tub is very inviting.  The bed has so many animations, we lost count.  I liked the Malibu when I blogged it, and I like this smaller more compact version too.  In fact, I think I lean towards this Baby Malibu, it is more romantic.
Though the Baby has a smaller footprint, the rooms are still very spacious. 
Model is wearing a two piece sun dress from Graffitiwear, Golden Polka Dot.
The outfit comes complete with the necklace you see and sexy pair of sunglasses, not seen here, but can be seen on flickr.
Skin - Zoe II DS normal 2, Step inSide   Hair - Amacci - Sandy- Vanilla blonde
eyes- Amacci - insight- sappphire #1 big         Shoes - SLink
INSIDE -INVERSE  visit the main store - tour the house in person.
DESIGNER SHOWCASE -outfit/skin and  hair on sale now