Monday, April 30, 2012

No man is an island

Everywhere he looked there were reminders of the times he'd been here with Anna, he didn't like how it made him feel.  Lovers walked hand in hand, or sat cuddled happily together on a bench.  What had ever possessed him to come back here.  He had thought the waves lapping gently unto the beach would lull his aching  heart, dull the pain of sadness, instead, he felt the loss even greater. Secret Garden, Nude - Moderate
Current round Designer Showcase -   Rispetto Designs has a triple whammy deal for you, a great pair of jeans,this great T-shirt, and this well made burgundy denim shirt.(Operaio)  All for the unbelievable price of $60.  What better way to show off a buff body.
more pictures on Flckr -link upper right 
Tomorrow by noon SL, the new round will all be up. Designer Showcase

Never judge a book by its cover

My young model today, had me fooled good and proper.  She arrived dressed as you see her, pleased as punch with her get up. My immediate thought was.OMG where would we go for the shoot.  Here again, very organized, she had a place all picked out. *Secret Garden* Nude - Moderate  on the tip of an island, the setting is romantic and charming.  My lesson for today, learn and enjoy.  When she posed with the flowers her comment "here, get the thorn between the roses" -^^  That was our theme.  When you see the pictures however, notice that she blends in and is part of the beauty.
Shape - TC Ciara                 Skin - ILL   Illusory - Love milk
Hair - Ploom - a little of everything     Tattoo - Leti's MM602 2
Shoes - Sexy bish Pin up stiletto pump - panda  
Jeans - Sexy Bish - rockabilly dream -cherry
Top - Grey red sweater - Carrasci;s Unchained Melodies
Countdown - new Designer Showcase will be in place for you by tomorrow noon SL time  DESIGNER SHOWCASE

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sanity Falls by MadPea

Looking for a way to spend your afternoon that is different.  Visit Sanity Falls
the country side is beckoning, but you'll feel the unease .. you're soon be looking around wondering if someone is watching you. " A psychological thriller game with twists that will keep you clued in till the very last moment. Are you ready to lose your sanity? Madness "   With some time on our hands, we decided to check it out. 
This amazing pearl necklace is called - Forever Pearls -white, from Bonita's Jewelry, it comes in two parts, a top and a bottom, just imagine all the wear you will get from this  set.  You will find Forever Pearls in the new round at
Designer Showcase
Dress is from Artic Storm - Gypsy Wedding in royal blue c/w hair piece  earrings, and over the elbow gloves.
Shape and skin - style by Kira - shape-Serenity - skin - Kylie Fantasy 01Dv2
Eyes - Amacci - Sappphire 24 big. (correct spelling)
Hair - Amacci - Mikki - Grey

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Alexis Nightclub & Metro Paris Couture

Well dear reader. I have to confess that this last week, I've been in more clubs then I have been in for a very long time. A singer I very much enjoy in SL finally was playing at a time that I could make the concert.  Christopher135 Quan is his name.  This is his website,
-Winner of the 2010 West Coast Songwriters best song of the year.
-Winner of the 2011 West Coast Songwriters best song - Sacramento.
-Nominated Best Of Second Life LIVE Performers 2011.
-Producer/Songwriter - Christopher has been involved with music and performing for nearly 30 years.  
For the whole time I was there, I didn't think of work, I just settled down and listened.  Contact Chris or Lo Bloch for booking!  

I've also met and talked to,  Hedy Patrucci and Donny Collazo, they caught my attention because they were so beautifully turned out. I appreciate seeing attractive avatars.
Donny was not only handsome, and well dressed,, he was breathing!  Vista animations has an AO for women and men that breathes.  Guess where I will be heading shortly after i get this project done. =^_^=   pictures on flicker.

Our model was wearing I think one of Paris Metro Couture's most glamorous evening gowns.
TRPH2 #35 Paisley Kisses - purple.
Shape -WOW -emma      Skin - Afrodite 2 GA4-M2-by-Nany Merlin  Unique Megastore
Eyes - Sensitive - Unique Megastore
Make up Face Paint -Metallic Shine blue                       Hair - A&A  Kingstyle #2
AO Vista animations - urban chic breathing (I'm really taken with this feature)
Jewelry - earrings Eluzion Jazzlyn         necklace - Crystal Line - Ramona

Taxi to The Overthrow Bunker & The Alexis Nightclub

INSIDE - the Jewel

For only a moment did she stop to think of what her regrets might be, the house before her was simply too much of a Jewel to not go in.  She wouldn't ask the cost, she would simply step inside through the door that was being opened for her, and allow herself to bask in its beauty. Some might find it too open, but she loved the floor to ceiling windows. The views were breathtaking.  360 degree open floor plan, wow, No she wouldn't think of the cleaning all those windows would require.  If she could afford this house, then she could afford a service.  Oh the rug has animations.. smiling to herself, she wished she had not come alone. naughty naughty!.  already the house had her under its spell.
Upstairs was perfect, a big bed, and an inviting hot  spa.  From the vantage point of the bed, there was a skylight, contented sigh, the designer had thought of everything.
INSIDE - mainstore -houses,mesh prefabs
Like the house, the ball gown seen here has presence. Paris Metro Couture, Feast French Lace. Sophistication, elegance, haute couture, this dress is a knock out.  The see through artistry of the gown between the bust line and the waist is seduction at its best.
Shape/Skin - WOW Emma                      Eyes - Amacci - fudge 19
Hair -Aleida -Wimpy black/noir               Shoes -Patulas House -ribbon
Jewelry -CMD - Illusions- earrings and necklace
This house needs a minimum of 512 sq m. for placement.  It has 91 prims fully furnished - with a total of 300 animations. more pictures on flickr

Have you been to Designer Showcase to make sure you've not missed any little treasures?

Friday, April 27, 2012

Charleston anyone

Ok a bit before my time, but  do remember the old movies, and the dancing.  I was hooked on the musicals, I grew up in a house where music was the order of the day.  Today I ventured over to The Vault - Vintage Jazz Club 1920-1930 and up  I got there before the evening got started.  Music starts at 6 pm and goes on till midnight SL time. (Friday night)  Reliving the music of another era, is a delightful way to spend an evening and meet new friends.
"The Vault -Art Deco/Noir club - streaming vintage music, ragtime, jazz, swing dancing and big band." sounds good to me.
There is something to be said about having contact with your partner while dancing.
Shape and Skin - WOW Barbie
Eyes - Amacco  Fudge 19
Hair - Curio - Betty Boo black
shoes TDR 2 pumps - plum
Pearls - Aurora Borealis -     Earrings - Eluzion   
Hat - Lady Elaina cocktail  hat -hats and accessories by Reghan
dress- Ivalde  Elsa magenta sequin 1960
I've been in touch with some of the merchants from the Designer Showcase
the great anticipation!!!! What is going to be in the next round?  Only a few more days.  Meanwhile, remember checkout what is there now, did you miss anything? Here is your limo - Designer Showcase

Jazz and Dinner Club

There is nothing like live music to get one in the mood for a nice cosy evening.
1 performer you need to put on your list of "must see" is WaltKeys, this jazz musician has a great portfolio.  And ladies, he is easy on the eyes. 
Pavilion of the Heart - Aquitaine Coeur  He is a musician who loves to perform, his jazz piano playing encompasses all styles of music.  His name is Waltkyes Faith, contact him for performance times.

Skin - WOW - Tori- Tan glimmer
Make up - Face Paint  Audrey 4
Eyes - C2 - blue Green  27 natural
Hair - Amacci - Freida - Pearl Platinum
Shoes- G. Field - Floria - Marguerite strap sandal
Outfit - Eluzaion - Queyla - Yellow
Earrings - Eluzion - Mariasha
Necklace - La Topasienne - ailes collier 1
Designer Showcase merchants - Eluzion, Amacci,  - what will they be putting out next week?
Only a few more days before the next round  happens. Designer Showcase
more pictures on flickr

Mountain hideaway

She stood rubbing her hands before the now crackling fire that he'd built when they first arrived.  She still had on her fur, the house was still cold.  High in the mountain, the view was spectacular, but darn it was cold.  She had dressed for this evening in a dress ordered from Paris design shop  Ala Folie, to be sure that it would all coordinate, she had the designer put it all together for her, jewelry, shoes, even pretty under clothes. At that time she had no idea, that part of the surprise was to be shown his home in the mountains.  Thank goodness the dress came with the little fur stole.
Feeling somewhat warmer now she took the time to look around.  On a far wall she was drawn to a wall of books,   She liked that, it showed that her host was a reader. The books were classics, a lot of hard covers research material, yes, a very eclectic mix, just like her host.
Curious she stepped outside on the balcony, seeing stairs, she wondered where they led.  She knew she shouldn't, but she couldn't stop herself from slowly making her way up the steps.  He had after all told her to make herself at home.  Smiling she wondered just how at home, she could make herself.
The house, Mountain 2 - can be seen INSIDE - mainstore - houses,mesh prefab

more pictures on Flickr, pictures are only a tease, see the house, wander and feel its charms.  Picture it on your land, know your lot size. These are quality homes, check out the details in each room.

Skin- Nvious - Jazmine, 008        Make up - Face Paint Cleo Pink
Eyes - 2C - Inspire 27 naturall   green/blue
Hair - Vanity Hair - Pin up HP soil
Outfit -Alo Folie - Star - comes complete with shoes, jewelry & stole

Readers, remember that Designer Showcase will be changing over to a new round, this is your last chance to snap up any of the current offerings.  Already I'm prowling for the new items that will be coming out next week.
Stay tuned!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

flashback to Y&R

Jill wasn't trying to listen, but it was hard not to hear the young couple as they earnestly talked about how they could afford the house.  She had tactfully withdrawn to another part  of the house, but still their voices carried.  She found herself standing in one of the big bedrooms.  The big bed looked so inviting.  How it would be nice to have someone to share it with, she missed her husband, it would be 3 years next week since she'd gotten that call.  A call that shattered her world and left her alone to live with her memories.
Wandering a little further down the hall, she opened the door and found a gym, with big windows that looked out to the deck and beyond that the ocean.  How well thought out this house was.  She showed a lot of homes, but this one was special, you could feel that it was welcoming.
The young couple had loved the spa room, she smiled as she remembered nights of tenderness and sharing in the hot tub at home.  She was sure this house would be sold very soon ...
model reminds me of Jill in the Young & the Resltess. I think it is the outfit, I remember seeing Jill in something like this, certainly the hair.  When she walked in, I thought OMG its Jill, she has it down right to the chunky jewelry.

Hair -A & A Carlotta #4
Skin - Style by Kira - Abigail 01E
Eyes-Lemania Indigo - gray
Shoes- G Field - flat Little Diva
Outfit - Cold Logic - cohen moss jumper
Jewelry - Earrings - Eluzion
             Necklace and bracelet, Zephyr

BTW, the couple did buy the house, Absolute Summer from INSIDE, if you are in the market for a house, big or small, check out the INSIDE inventory.  Houses come furnished if you like what you see.  Visit the site in SL or on Marketplace.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fresh start

A new day, a new season, with a sigh Bella threw her head back and smiled up into the blue skies.  Everyone should have days like this,her aunt had promised her a day at the park, and here they were, finally out of the house.The constant need to be at one's best, receiving callers and being the perfect hostess was wearing thin. 
For the evening soiree they were to attend, she had chosen a black formal gown from the Donna Flora collection.  She had wanted this dress from the moment she first saw it.  The gown itself was a black/gray satin that shone like ebony depending on how the light played across the fabric.  The silver white tulle that fanned out from the knee of the skirt lengthened her already slender body.  Across the bust and over the shoulder was an arrangement of delicate flowers that gave elegance to the dark of the dress.
What she loved best of the dress was that the floral arrangement wound down her back giving her a picture perfect look coming or going.  The big silver gray bow on her left shoulder gave accent to her long slender neck.
She had carefully selected, a pair of Eluzion earrings, Jazzlyn, silver with a jeweled flower at the center, the earrings were a perfect match to the large white/pinkish rose at her left shoulder. Nothing was left to chance, even her bracelets and rings were carefully chosen from her jewel case, Zephyr jewelry suited her it was bold, yet feminine.
The Botanical Gardens
more pictures on flickr - link upper right

e s s e n c i a l, Amacci, Eluzion,Style by Kira - Designer Showcase merchants
When was the last time you visited the Designer Showcase  This round is almost over, next week, we start another round.  Don't miss out.  We have plans, the Designer Showcase is always changing, always with you in mind.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

harmonic longing

Imparafacile Island  Music visually interpreted.  Each level you arrive at, is a different melody, a tease to the senses.  Like a spider's web it weaves around me, and I find myself chasing after the elusive note.  There is no sound, just
the memory of the moment.  The light dances all around, bathing me with vibrant and seductive luminosity.  Like a moth to a flame, I'm drawn further into the musician's net. Foyer of this amazing build Imparafacile
Every picture tells a story, see flickr for more pictures - feel the emotion, the desire and the seductive power of the lights.

Shape - Twily Goddess -             Skin- Nvious - Jazmine
Eyes- Amacci Sappphire 4           Make up FP - Barbie #4
Hair - A & A  -Whitney               Shoes - G. Field
Top - Eluzion- Imperia               Skirt - PM - Groovy long skirt orange
Jewelry - Eluzion

Taxi to Designer Showcase, because this is where I hang my hat =^_^=

Pretty in Pink

Today we visited the Home of the American Cancer Society in SL. American Cancer Society, we had been headed for the Fairelands junction, but in our wanderings we arrived in the part of the sim that belongs to the American Cancer Society.  Very appropriate since we had been talking about the number of events in SL that support cancer research in one way or another.  Today our model had chosen to wear pink in honor of a friend who is dealing with the disease.  We were and are doing a shoot on the beautiful necklace and earring set from Aurora Borealis (AB Nena -teal and grape set)..Once again, the Universe directed our course.  This wonderful jewelry can be found in this round of the Designer Showcase
Shape - Style by Kira - Julia
Skin - The body co. Ylang, Ylang
Eyes - Amacci  Fudge
Hair - Bizarre - Cinta Black
Outfit - Whippet & Buck, the Talk Dress, sparkle
Boots - Outlaw -Stars
more pictures on Flickr

Monday, April 23, 2012

Ayas Green Dragon Village

High on a mountain peak of Silk Waters Mountain, sits Ayas Green Dragon Village  like many places in SL that have been around for a very long time, they eventually disappear.  I wanted to visit one more time, to walk the alleys, cross the bridges and once more take in the ambiance of another time.  Be prepared that not everyone there that you meet will speak or understand English.
It took me ages but there is a shop there Neo Japan Store that has an amazing inventory of Japanese items and furniture.  LOL once we got in, we had the hardest time finding a way out.
Shape/Skin & Make up - The Body Co.  Ylang Ylang 04 Medium
Hair - Wasabi Pills /Kamiko mesh  hair (BOOBS) ash
Eyes - Amacci - Fudge eyes
Top - Sassy - Brown  Cosy sweater - Designer Showcase
Bottoms - Eluzion - Imperia, black
Shoes - G. Field  Flat shoes - Little Divas - mustard

Taxi to Designer Showcase                     more pictures on flickr

a bride's maid - never to be a bride?

I love what I do, I get to meet and work with the greatest people.  Are you planning a wedding, going to a wedding, how about a graduation party?  This is the time of year that everyone seems to be looking for that special dress.  Look no further, The designer might not have meant it to be a multipurpose outfit, but leave it to your model to enjoy the outfit  100%
Today we visited the M S Enchanted Cruise Line - Enchanted Seaport  our model is wearing the lovely formal gown by Amour Fashion (Rispetto Designs) You will know Rispetto Design from our Designer Showcase - the dress comes complete with gloves, it is a dark eggplant that has a wonderful drop over the bodice that tapers into the waist, giving a very slimming look  that is ola la sexy at the same time.. shows just the right amount of cleavage to tease. The under pant that is worn with the skirt is iridescent and a stand alone item as our model shows us.It is a good length, perfect for those of you who wear ankle jewelry. The flexi skirt is worn for the formal part of your evening, and when it comes time to relax, it is easily put aside.
Shape - Amacci - Lexi Tall                                     more pictures on flickr
Skin - Style by Kira -  Stefani 01B -BC
Eyes - Amacci - Sapphire 6
Hair= A & A Bella 3
Shoes - TDR2  purple
Jewelry - Eluzion
Outfit - Rispetto Design.Amour Fashion - Monroe

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A lady scorned

Lady Carrie knew everyone was turned her way, already she could hear the whispers.  Her hair, usually in wild disarray was carefully coiffed, every curl in place.  She knew the sunlight that was falling softly around her shoulders would show her skin to perfection.  She had chosen her gown carefully, it caressed her every move as she walked head held high into the crowded church yard.  The crowd parted to let her by. Smiling she allowed her eyes to linger just a fraction longer then was deemed polite, on the admiring eyes that openly appraised her.

Standing just outside the church was her friend and escort in this invasion of a "private" affair.  Le Compte was not smiling, he watched with apprehension as Lady Carrie walked towards him.  How had he allowed himself to offer his services, he never could refuse a lady in distress.  The woman who had sought his help, tears in her eyes, and fragile of person, was not this enchantress seductively coming towards him.  A shiver up his spine told him, he would live to rue this day.  Darkwood Cathedral and medieval towers
Shape - amacci Lex Tall                                more pictures on flickr
Skin - Belleza  Elle  BR SK 13 cleavage
Eyes - 2C  Inspire 27 natural green/blue
Hair -Tribal Soul, Secret Elegance - glitter - Borealis
Shoes - TDR 2 black
Jewelry - Fulo - Donna, necklace and earrings
Outfit - Snowpaws - araigne lace gown ruby flowers

Designer Showcase

a doll's world

The model scheduled for today, was not available, that happens, in her stead I was greeted by a Marionette/puppet doll.  After picking out her "ooowwh I luv dat" outfit (Sassy Rocking Dress- grey) and shoes (sLink Suede Wrap Wedge in black)  she was "weddy".. I did suggest that the Sassy Rocking Dress in red might be a much brighter and fun dress for the occasion, however she pouted and said "but gway goz wid my porchwin skin"  for those of you needing translation, that is her porcelain skin, which I will tell you is vintage, cracked and rather ancient.   A lovely girl, but the cracks in her porcelain may not be the only affects of age she suffers from.
Her choice of location was Shiny Shop PG rated toy Store,Fun cars, cats and
The woman never stands still, we should have been shooting a video. While I took myself off to Photoshop, I left her in Designer Showcase to dance to her hearts content "dats my mostest vavrite store in da hhhhhhhhhhhholle word"
Hair - booN  SPS001 purple                  poses - SLC Puppet AO set  and
o0o Studio. Marionette
Skin - Quarantine -Fragmented Love Vintage Doll
Eyes - LI  Ice Gray 
more pictures on flickr

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Malaika Park, Echo lake

Today we journeyed to Malaika Park, Echo Lake, slightly out of our way, but it was worth the trip.  Beautiful parkland, quiet, serene, with a lot to see. One can't help but admire the wonderful vistas that greet the eye from almost any direction one looks.  I loved the gentleness of the place, it so mirrors places I've been. The creator of this build is a master builder.  Long after we finished shooting our model wanted to stay on.  The quality of our time there was refreshing, a balm to our work weary psyches.
Shape - Belleza - Erkia 1
Skin- Aura Briar Duo 2     Make up - Aura Briar - Plum
Eyes - Mayfly - red honey
Hair -booN PY0902  black
Shoes -BTQ Courtisane - Allumeuese - Red
Outfit - Sativa - corset dress -red/black  @ Designer Showcase
Jewelry - Fulo - Bianca ring-     Juliana-earrings+necklace
more pictures on Flckr

Taxi  Designer Showcase

Friday, April 20, 2012

what's a girl to do

Staring at the phone won't make it ring.  Wishing on a star, hadn't produced his call.  She'd turned off the radio hours ago, every song was either a love song, or a sad, crying song. Was she the only one alone on a Friday night. All afternoon she'd hoped  he would call, she even bought a new pair of shoes, just in case.
Then she smiled, she remembered what the shoes were called.  Grim Bros. antidepressant shoe.  Putting them on, her mood lifted, the shoes had cost almost a week's salary but they were worth it.  Yesterday she'd bought the earrings and necklace from Bonita's Jewelry, why not, grinning now from ear to ear, she twirled in her new shoes, and hummed a happy tune her face smiled back at her as she fixed the earrings in place.
Uptown Sweater from 1 Hundred - on sale now at Designer Showcase
Capri's are Kyoot (Etienne)(Sepia)
Hair - Exile -Dandy-Vanilla
Eyes - Amacci - brown green
Skin - Amacci- Giselle (Fresh) 22 cutie
Bonita Jewelry is in current round of Designer Showcase
pictures on fickr

standing out in a crowd

How often have we heard that, "I stood out like a sore thumb" or something similar. Our model had her chance today, in looking for our location, as usual in SL we got sidetracked.  We ended up at Men's clothing by Wilson' Designs, it was rather unreal, I'd never seen the likes of it, nor had our model. 
What better way to show off our outfit!  You can see for yourselves, We rock!
In room after room of cardboard models, our Designer Showcase model couldn't help herself, she became a bit of a show off, for sure no one was going to steal her thunder  Her outfit -Zibrina is by Eluzion, earrings are Eluzion, Shoes are by R2, a wonderful plaid shoe, the fat pack comes in a variety of plaids, our model is wearing Ekolu black (red/black plaid)  necklace is Amacci.
Shape - Ploom - Eile                Skin - Illusory - Love Milk - Frenchie LBT
Hair- Aleida - Wippy, red          Make up - Face Paint - Deadly black
Eyes - Mayfly mesh - aged bronze

LOL something different with this model... oophs its a alive!  Meet Jean Paul de Chiverny (the Count of Chiverny in the court of the King France, his Majesty Louis XIV)   ....more pictures on flickr

Don't forget the wonderful FLAWLESS Fashion Spring Sale and Hunt...
I took another picture of the shoe, I don't feel that the pictures show it well enough. ^^

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Seduction or Surrender

She stood quietly behind the pillar, daring not to breathe, willing herself to not betray her position.  From her vantage point, she could look down the long marble staircase and watch as the guests arrived.  The man that held her attention stood with his back to her greeting the guests as they arrived.  His handsome profile was highlighted by the  soft glow of the gas lamp on the wall near by.   She watched as he slipped his arm casually around one of the young guests that had just arrived.  The young beauty looked up into his face, her eyes bright with admiration.  Eagerly she leaned forward, but her host, moved her along, and turned to charm the next waiting guest
Tori sighed, it was tonight or never, her had asked for her reply by the end of the evening.  Stepping softly back into the shadows, she turned to walk away.
With a gasp she stopped, her hand fluttered to her neck.  Standing just inches from her, and gazing down into her now flushed features stood a stranger, a man she'd never seen.  A head taller, she had to look up, in so doing, she was mesmerized by the deepest darkest eyes, framed by long lashes against a face that was chiseled to perfection.

Shape - WOW *- Tori  
Skin - WOW - Tori milk cl   (vendor is at the Flawless Fashion Fair and Hunt)
Tori skin currently on sale at WOW Kiosk
Eyes- Lemania Indigo - Ice Gray
Hair - Vanity Hair - Marlene blonde
Shoes - Enkythings - Yuja II black  
Outfit - Bubbles Design - Elegance Green  selling in the Designer Showcase
           now, for $95
Jewelry -Zephyr * necklace, bracelet and ring (Nabucco)
           -Eluzion *- Yessenia earrings
* These merchants are currently at Flawless, at the Flawless Fashion Fair
Taxi - to Designer Showcase  Flawless Fashion Fair is right there.
more pictures on Flickr


Tennis anyone

We found ourselves at tt - Sports, Tennis, Volleyball, PingPong, Basketball
our model was unable to find someone to play a game with her, but we did enjoy the walk around.  Next time you are looking for a fun afternoon, you might want to try your hand at a game of tennis.  Free Tennis racquets are provided.
Outfit, 1 Hundred -Whimsey dress, Rose $200 - Flawless Spring Sale
Shoes - HOC Industries, YAY Wedge, colour hud
Hair- Love Soul - hair and cap #096 black
Skin - Style by Kira - Abigail 01C
more pictures on Flickr - link upper right
Flawless Spring Sale and Hunt is happening right outside the Designer showcase,  Taxi over to Designer Showcase - soak up the wonderful weather, check out the new items offered in this round of the Designer Showcase, and wander the kiosks of the Flawless Spring Sale and Hunt.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Comfortable Chic

Spring is an in between season, warm hot temperatures one day, cool crisp the next.  Pekas Urban has put out a spring outfit in this round of the Designer Showcase that I think has a lot going for it.  The designer has given you a wonderful pair of black capris that can be worn with so many other outfits, a charming short sleeve white fur shrug(bolero) and a white halter.  Love of Spring is what the outfit is called and is selling for "song".  You can wear the funky belt or not, your choice.  Our model liked the look with the belt, I wasn't so sure, but after she strutted for us, with the white ankle boots ( R2 Nohea) and jewelry by Designer Showcase merchant Fulo (Donna, earrings and necklace)  we gave her an A+.  She did look stunning.

Hair - Amacci -hairstyle Boa - this too is part of the current Designer Showcase
Shape - Amacci - Jennifer tall
Skin -Diamond Avatar -Sonya Sunkissed  06 -current Designer Showcase
Eyes -Shape by Kira - spring Green Eyes -01
Location -Eastrose Shinto Shrine in UUtopia
more pictures on flickr